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Family Law

Families represent the most important connections we have with the people we love.  When our families change, for whatever reason, the process of moving forward toward something new can often feel daunting and impossibly bleak.  Kristin and her team at Clarity Law recognize the frustration and fears that come from separation and divorce experiences.  She sees her role through it all as coach, navigator, and advocate (above all else). 

No matter what your family challenge may be, the team at Clarity Law will help you reshape your family around your priorities using whatever legal process best respects your needs.  Kristin will work closely with you to learn what you hope to achieve and what you need to preserve and then present you with a wide range of options that will ultimately achieve those goals – negotiation, mediation, collaborative law, or litigation in Court. 

For several years, Kristin served as an instructor for Alberta Justice’s Parenting After Separation Course and she continues to be actively involved with mediation and collaborative law projects throughout Southern Alberta.   She takes pleasure in working with other lawyers, divorce coaches, child specialists, and financial advisors.  Her commitment to her family practice is born from one place – she sincerely enjoys working with families.  Kristin feels privileged to be invited by clients to work side-by-side with them to create plans that reduce their financial loss, preserve their family interests, and ultimately create a sense of long-term stability and certainty. 

If solving your family challenges requires fierce advocacy at the highest level of Alberta’s courts or the seamless facilitation of an amicable divorce where the terms are already settled, Clarity Law is your best resource.  Their family work is extensive and includes: 

* Divorce & Separation

* Adoption

* Cohabitation & Prenuptial agreements

* Representation of Children

* Varying existing Court orders

* Mobility Challenges & facilitating the relocation of a parent

* Enforcing the terms of agreements already reached. 


If you want to meet with Kristin to discuss your family matter, please call her office at (403) 942-4633 or email to set up an appointment.