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Estate Planning:  How to plan for your death or incapacity. 

Questions about life and death are not fun to explore.  As a result, you may feel very intimidated by the difficult task of having to plan for your death or consider what may happen if you become seriously unwell.  Big questions such as, “who will care for my children?” and “will I have enough to live well?” can pre-occupy our minds and unsettle our relationships. 

Creating a solid plan for your future, no matter what it holds, can be a simple and rewarding process.  Kristin Ailsby and her team at Clarity Law are here to help you through it. 

There are three essential documents you need to plan for your future.  First, your Will determines what will happen to your assets and your minor children when you die.  Second, your Personal Directive sets out parameters for your personal care, in the event you are no longer able to make medical decisions on your own.  Third, and finally, your Power of Attorney enables you to designate a person to manage your finances when you can no longer do that job, or simply don’t want to. 

Kristin will help you determine what information you need to build your plan (it’s much less complicated than you think) and what questions you should be asking, all while making the process as manageable and cost effective as possible.   Once your documents are prepared and your plan is created, you, like so many clients before you, will leave Clarity with confidence knowing that your loved ones will have what they need and you will be cared for by people you trust and love. 

Estate Administration – What to do when someone has died

Being asked to oversee an estate can be an honor, as someone has placed a significant amount of trust in your ability to handle their affairs.  Unfortunately, the actual work of carrying out that job inevitably comes at a difficult time.  You are grieving the loss of someone important to you, and now you are being asked to make significant and life-changing decisions when all you really want to do is process the loss of your loved one.  

Kristin Ailsby and the team at Clarity Law regularly assist executors and beneficiaries alike on estates of all kinds.  She helps her clients determine the information needed to move forward, the options available to transfer or sell assets, and how to ensure everyone affected feels informed and respected throughout the entire process.  Clients report that she guides them through the technical and practical complications following a person’s death and takes on much of the work, so that clients, in turn, can focus on what’s important and invest in their wellness. 

Creating a sold plan to resolve an estate, no matter what the future holds, can be difficult and rewarding work.  Kristin and her team at Clarity law are here to help you through it. 

If you want to meet with Kristin to discuss how to best administer an estate, please call her office at (403) 942-4633 or email to set up an appointment.